Permanent Eyelash Extensions For Long Lasting Beauty

Mascara, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are all temporary measures to get those beautiful longer eyelashes. And they cost money! But if you are fed up of paying out money frequently to constantly change your eyelashes then try the new popluar method of permanent eyelash extensions.

Those who have tried permanent eyelash extensions swear by them and they no longer have to worry about the eyelashes falling off when they go about their everyday lives. These feel like natural permanent eyelashes and you can do everything to them that you would do to your own eyelashes. They are long, curly and you will have those longer eyelashes that women eyerywhere desire and which will add radiance to your eyes and beauty to your face.


What Are Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Permanent eyelash extensions are actually hair follicles which are surgically implanted into your eyelid next to your existing eylashes.  Permanent eyelash implants are in reality a transplant surgery. A graft is taken from the back of the neck. The hairs are then plucked out of the graft, individually, and trimmed of excess dermis, epidermis, and fat. Each hair is individually placed into the upper eyelid. As many as 50 or 60 hairs may be needed to successfully complete the procedure and fill out the eyelashes.

Local anesthetic is used for the permanent eyelashes procedure, and safety precautions, such as eye shields, are also used to protect the eye from permanent eyelash extensionsdamage. The surgery takes about two hours. It is important to note that as these are hair follicles, the permanent eyelash extensions will grow faster than your natural eyelashes and they need to be looked after and trimmed on a regulare basis.

However, it is a painless operation and a one-off cost. No longer will you have to worry about your eyelashes when you are getting ready to go to work or out to a party. Those long permanent eyelash extensions will always be ready! The time saved is one reason why many women opt for this method of eyelash extension.

Why Choose Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

As previously mentioned, the time saved in having long eyelashes already in place is one major reason why women choose the permanent eyelash extenions route. Many women do ask? Is is a permanent eyelash? The answer is not only yes but the eyelash is as natural as your own.

Once you undergo the operation to have permanent eyelash extension surgery, you know that it is a one off cost. It must be remembered that the cost is quite high, ranging from $800 to $1000, depending on where you go to get it done. However, when compared to semi-permanent eyelash extensions which cost about $130 to start off with and then a monthly top-up cost of $80, you will recover the cost of the permanent eyelashes within a year.

For women who have short, thin or brittle eyelashes and who can afford the initial cost of permanent eyelash extension surgery, then this is the best option compared to false eyelashes, mascara and semi-permanent eyelashes. You will literally have permanent long eyelashes 24/7, 365 days a year at no extra cost!

Finally, whilst the permanent eyelash extension option is the best, as surgery is involved, make sure that you research the salons carrying out this procedure to ensure that they have the expert staff to carry out the this operation. In addition, make a personal visit the salon/clinic and inspect the hygiene of the place, in particular where the permanent eyelash extensions are to be carried out. Your eyes are at stake, no precaution is too much.

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