EverLashing Review

One of the unfortunate realities in life is that, over time, the long and lush eyelashes you enjoyed in your youth can eventually become dry, brittle and damaged due to harsh mascara products, excessive rubbing and environmental pollutants.  This can cause your eyelashes to fall out prematurely, lending to a thin, sparse and unattractive look, one you may try to augment with mascara, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.  In response to the problem of thinning eyelashes, many companies, including Verseo, the makers of EverLashing, have begun offering another alternative for enhancing eyelashes:  an eyelash conditioner and revitalizer that can help restore the long and voluminous lashes of your youth.  But does EverLashing work?  This is the question we will examine below.


EverLashing:  What Is It and How Does It Work

EverLashing is an eyelash conditioner and enhancer product that claims to help create longer and fuller lashes.  Basically, this product, whicheverlashing retails for around $40, is a topical serum, one that blends peptides and botanicals that work together to condition the individual eyelash hairs and hair follicles, while simultaneously fortifying them against breakage.

Unlike other products of its kind, EverLashing is not, nor does it claim to be an eyelash growth stimulant, but when used regularly it is supposed to create the appearance of longer lashes, because it prevents them from falling out prematurely before the natural growth cycle has concluded.  Verseo, the product’s manufacturer, promises over a 50% increase in the length and volume of your eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks, which is an average timeframe for noticing results when compared to other eyelash conditioning and enhancement products.


How to Use EverLashing


EverLashing should only be applied after a thorough facial cleansing to remove any creams or makeup products.  The manufacturer suggests you apply the product once daily, right before bedtime, in the same manner you’d apply eyeliner.  With the applicator brush, begin at the inside corner of each eyelash, near its base, and work your way up and outwards, away from the eye, and apply a thin coating of the serum to the entire eyelash.  Wash EverLashing off in the morning with soap and warm water, and repeat this process each day for best results.


EverLashing Ingredients

As we will mention again in the next section, “pros and cons,” the manufacturer of EverLashing offers no list of ingredients on their website.


EverLashing:  Pros and Cons

Is EverLashing worth purchasing?  Here are a just of few of the benefits and drawbacks as reported in customer reviews:



  • Affordable.  EverLashing retails for right around $40, which is much less than most other eyelash enhancement products.  In other words, if it works, this is a very attractive price.
  • Works fast.  EverLashing claims to create longer and more voluminous eyelashes in 4 weeks or less, while other products in this class can often take 6 weeks to 3 months before any results are noticed.
  • Easy-to-use.  EverLashing is applied just like eyeliner and leaves no mess to clean up afterwards.



  • Where’s the proof?  There have been no clinical trials or research studies conducted to officially test the effectiveness—or ineffectiveness—of EverLashing.
  • No list of ingredients.  Searching the Internet for a list of ingredients found in EverLashing proved to be a futile exercise.  As a result, it is impossible to know whether or not the product contains any ingredients that even condition eyelashes, let alone enhances them.
  • Limited number of reviews.  Customer reviews for EverLashing are few and far between.


Final Appraisal

Despite it’s very affordable price tag and ease of use, purchasing EverLashing is a gamble to say the least.  The ingredients in the product are a mystery, the clinical trials are non-existent and the customer reviews are limited.  Because of this, you are probably better off spending a little bit more on a reliable product than shelling out $40 for EverLashing just to find that it doesn’t do what it claims.

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