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Do you want to grow eyelashes which are long and beautiful? Are you fed up and maybe even embarrassed by your short eyelashes? Do you compare your lashes to the long eyelashes you see on women in magazines, TV and movies?

You are not alone. Millions of women have been trying to grow eyelashes which are longer, thicker and more curly, to enhance the beauty of their eyes and hence their faces.

Unfortunately, 95% of them fail and end up with damaged eyelashes or even worse, no eyelashes. In recognising this problem, I set up  this website which will show you what help is available  in growing eyelashes. We lay everything out for you. We are adding new information daily so do return regularly. Hundreds of women are making use of this guide and the feedback has been phenomenal.

Grow Eyelashes Guide – Our Aim

Our ultimate aim is to provide you with as much information as possible to enable you to grow long, beautiful eyelashes. They are your eyelashes. Take the time to investigate what suits you and what doesn’t. Sometimes, a product will work on one skin type and not on another. We want this  to be a one-stop shop for you.  You will find everything you are looking for on this site. If you really want to grow eyelashes which are longer and thicker, look at the various options we are making available to you. The final results will make it all worthwhile!

Watch this video… the “before and after look” of longer eyelashes on eyes


Product Reviews

As part of our commitment to providing you with complete information, our product review looked at the top 24 eyelash growth products available and the results can be read by clicking the appropriate link. You can rest assured that our analysis is totally unbiased.

What’s In This Grow Eyelashes Guide?

This guide on how to grow eyelashes has been set up to give you tips and information to help you grow eyelashes which are not only long, but thick and curly as well. Your eyelashes will not grow overnight but over 3-4 weeks of using the methods described, together with the various products shown here, you will definitely have the long eyelashes you always wanted.

We have listed below the  pages on this site giving tips on how to grow eyelashes, ranging from growing eyelashes using eyelash growth products to home remedies which can help you get those long lashes.  We are constantly adding to this tip list. They answer many of the questions that you may have about growing eyelashes; on the best way of caring for them; what the best eyelash growth products and eyelash enhancers are and many others…

Links to tips and advice pages  –

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Help eyelashes grow by caring for them

Eyelash growing mascara tips for stunning eyelashes

False eyelashes – how to apply them properly

Vaseline on eyelashes can help grow eyelashes

Grow eyelashes naturally

Grow eyelashes back using Lumigan

How to grow longer eyelashes – the Facts and Myths

Grow longer lashes using home remedies

Longer eyelashes – the 6 tips on how to get them

Longer eyelashes naturally by monitoring eyelash growth time

Make eyelashes look longer with permanent extensions

Eyelash loss – some possible medical causes

Thin eyelashes – how to remedy the problem

Eyelash extensions review – Are eyelash extensions or false eyelashes better for longer eyelashes?

We have carried out extensive surveys and what we have found is that although women want longer eyelashes, because of their busy schedules, they just haven’t got the time to do something about it. Do you bemoan the fact that you have short eyelashes, look at guides like these, plan to do something about it and then… do nothing at all! If you really want to grow eyelashes which are longer, then please, you must take action.

It will take only a short time to reach your goal but do not lose sight of the end result ……. having longer thicker eyelashes and looking more beautiful! There are many choices available to you as shown on this page and other pages within this ” how to grow eyelashes ” guide. Please do have a look at them and the options on offer.

Amongst the hundreds of products available, only the ones which actually help you grow eyelashes are mentioned in this guide. If it’s not here, it is more than likely not to work. However, having said that, if you do find a product which is not listed here but which works for you, write in and tell us about it.

Please do take the time to move around the site and access the various pages listed. The better informed you are, the more likely it is that you will succeed in having those eyelashes you and countless millions of women dream about.

Good luck in your quest to grow eyelashes.

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