Xtreme Lashes Review

If you’re like most women, the promise from Xtreme Lashes of having long, dark and voluminous eyelashes is an attractive one.  Many women will go to great lengths to achieve these sexy and sultry lashes, including wearing mascara and false eyelashes and even undergoing permanent eyelash surgery.  Fortunately,  Xtreme Lashes.  Created and distributed by Jo Mousselli, offer you a semi-permanent solution to your thinning or sparse eyelashes—a solution that is certain to turn heads when you walk into a room.  Below we will take a closer look at Xtreme Lashes, and describe some of the benefits and disadvantages associated with the product and procedure.  Hopefully, this will enable you to make a more informed decision on whether or not these lashes are right for you.


What Are Xtreme Lashes and How Do They Work?

Xtreme Lashes are one of the hottest trends in eyelash enhancement, and are regularly donned by some of the world’s sexiest celebrities.  In essence, they are a type of semi-permanent eyelash extension, made from synthetic strands that precisely replicate the look of your natural eyelash hair.  They are not something you can rush out and buy at the local store and attach yourselves.  Only a trained stylist or beautician is qualified to conduct this attachment process, which is why Xtreme Lashes are only sold to salons and wholesale beauty supply distributors.

The price for Xtreme Lashes, which always includes their attachment, will vary depending on a number of different factors, including the number of xtreme lashesindividual strands needed to adequately complete the procedure, the skill and reputation of the stylist and the area in which you live.  Some salons will charge a flat rate for one of these sessions, which can range in price from $100-$300 depending on the factors mentioned above.

The attachment process with Xtreme Lashes is a long and meticulous one, typically spanning 2 hours or more, depending upon the number of strands you need and the proficiency of the stylist.  That’s because each new strand has to be attached individually to your existing eyelashes using a special type of glue.

Because of the way Xtreme Lashes are attached—directly to your eyelashes—you may be wondering why this is only a “semi-permanent” solution.  The answer to that is simple:  eyelashes fall out.  Just like the hair on other parts of your body, your eyelashes have a growth cycle, in which existing eyelashes will fall out periodically and new growth will take its place.  This happens approximately every 60 days, which means to maintain the look of longer, thicker and darker lashes you will need to repeat the attachment procedure every two to three months for best results.


Xtreme Lashes:  Pros and Cons

Xtreme Lashes are an ideal temporary solution to dry, brittle and thinning lashes, but along with the benefits, there are bound to be some drawbacks as well.  Let’s take a look:


  • Xtreme Lashes are sold worldwide and have many loyal followers, largely because the end result is almost always very successful and beautiful.  In fact, nobody will know these are not your own eyelashes unless you give away your secret.
  • Xtreme Lashes can only be attached by qualified personnel who have undergone extensive training.  This ensures the very best results at every appointment.
  • While spending $100-$300 for Xtreme Lashes may sound like a lot, the procedure is far less expensive than permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash surgery.  You will also save money from not having to purchase mascara and false eyelashes ever again.



  • The attachment session for Xtreme Lashes is very long and painstaking, lasting over 2 hours in most cases.
  • If you wish to maintain the look of longer and more voluminous eyelashes, you will need to repeat the process every 2-3 months, which can get quite expensive in the long run.
  • There are some potential problems and side effects associated with Xtreme Lashes.  In some cases, the fumes emitted by the glue during attachment can cause eye irritation, especially in sensitive people and those with certain allergies of the eye.  Additionally, if the lashes are not cared for properly, the synthetic Xtreme Lashes can eventually accumulate dirt, which may cause them to clump and fall out prematurely.


Final Appraisal

For a small percentage of women, Xtreme Lashes may not be the ideal solution.  Some will balk at the thought of spending two or more hours in a salon every three months, while for others, the high cost to maintain these lashes may be unrealistic due to budgetary concerns.  There may even be women who cannot tolerate the fumes from the glue.  These are all good reasons to seek another type of eyelash lengthening solution.  However, if none of these categories or circumstances apply to you; your dream of regaining the long and beautiful eyelashes of your youth may be just hours away in the form of Xtreme Lashes




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