Vaseline On Eyelashes – Does It Help Grow Longer Eyelashes ?

Have you ever considered using vaseline on eyelashes? Are you so eager to grow eyelashes that are long, full and beautiful that you’d try almost any recommendation that surfaces?  Have you ever taken the time to research the subject online, perhaps using the phrase “grow eyelashes” as the basis for your search query?  If so, then you’re probably well aware of the buzz surrounding Vaseline as a possible eyelash growth enhancer, but have you considered what percentage of this information is factual and how much of it is merely myth?  This is not an easy question to tackle, largely because there are two very different viewpoints on the subject, with opinions that seem to be split right down the middle.  To help clarify these positions— hopefully to allow you to decide for yourself whether or not Vaseline can help grow eyelashes—we will discuss both of these viewpoints in a little more detail, looking objectively at both sides of the Vaseline debate.

Does Using Vaseline On Eyelashes Help?  The Proponents

Hair on the human head can grow for up to 3 years before it is naturally shed and new hair takes its place.  In comparison, eyelashes, according to doctors and dermatologists, have a maximum lifecycle of approximately 3 months, at which time new eyelashes emerge from the eyelids to take their place.  Three months is certainly not a lot of time to grow eyelashes for a maximum growth and loss cycle, and based on that maximum it’s easy to see why eyelashes only grow to a certain length, but it is the word “approximately” that most Vaseline proponents rely on when debating the product’s effectiveness.

vaseline on eyelashes

So what exactly is meant by “approximately” three months?  There is significant evidence that, when exposed to environmental pollutants or toxins and/or when generally not cared for, eyelashes will tend to fall out prematurely, before the end of their natural growth cycle, leading to eyelashes that are shorter in length.  However, when eyelashes are well cared for, they may continue to grow for several weeks past the original three months, thus allowing them to grow longer.  This, according to Vaseline proponents, is where the product can be very beneficial.


Those who preach the effectiveness of Vaseline on eyelashes say that the product is effective in allowing eyelashes to reach their maximum length, largely due to its cleaning and healing properties.  Vaseline, they say, similar to certain oils (olive oil, castor oil etc.) can promote the health of eyelashes and their follicles, because when applied daily,  it helps to draw out dirt and other impurities from the eyelashes, while simultaneously softening and conditioning the individual eyelash hairs.  Therefore, according to them, because the follicles are cleaner and healthier, it will extend their lifecycle, thus allowing them to grow longer.


Vaseline On Eyelashes?  The Opponents

According to doctors, “there is no scientific evidence that suggests using Vaseline on eyelashes can help people grow eyelashes.  Eyelashes, like every other hair on the human body, have a specific growth cycle, and it is this growth cycle that is the sole determinant of eyelash hair length.”
This is the official scientific position, but these opponents of the Vaseline theory also go on to say that this “growth cycle” of which they speak can range from 4-16 weeks.  That’s a lot of leeway in terms of time, as eyelash hairs of 4 weeks will certainly be shorter than those that survive 16 weeks.
As I explored and researched both sides of this debate, I realized that the debate about Vaseline—can it, or can it not help grow eyelashes—was largely one of semantics, and both sides make some very excellent points.  Opponents of the Vaseline debate are unquestionably correct that Vaseline alone cannot grow new lashes—a point, by the way, also conceded by the Vaseline proponents.  However, the product does appear to possess certain properties that can indeed help clean, nourish and grow eyelashes, which may help them achieve a longer lifespan and grow longer as a result.

By all means,use Vaseline on eyelashes to grow longer, thicker eyelashes but only as part of the growth process.

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