Longer Eyelashes : 6 Tips For Longer Eyelashes

Do you desire longer eyelashes, the type of eyelashes that will brighten your eyes and make people take notice?  One of nature’s cruel truths is that not all women will be necessarily blessed with long, wavy eyelashes, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a life of envy, coveting the “haves” and commiserating with the “have-nots.”  Instead, you can apply some of that energy to creating your own longer eyelashes, whether through techniques that will encourage the growth of your own eyelashes, or perhaps by embarking on strategies that are a bit less than natural, but still highly effective.  To assist you in this, here we will provide 6 of the most popular and proven tips for creating the longer lashes you desire.

6 Tips for Longer Eyelashes

You may not have been naturally endowed with long, attractive eyelashes. Many women accept what they have been born with and suffer silently. But you don not have to do that. You could potentially change that by taking advantage of the tips below:

    • Proper Diet.  For years you have probably heard that a proper diet can do wonders for your hair and skin, and your eyelashes are no longer eyelashes-200x204exception.  Many women have achieved the goal of longer lashes simply by changing the way they eat.  Among other things, this means a diet that includes multiple servings of fruits and vegetables each day, lean protein sources (especially salmon which is rich in Omega 3 oils) and plenty of water to stay hydrated.
    • Oil up.  Research studies have shown that certain oils such as castor oil and olive oil, and even Vaseline, have certain properties that can encourage the growth of longer eyelashes.  Not only do these substances help to clean your eyelashes by drawing out dirt and impurities, they also provide nourishment to the hair follicles.  To apply this simple treatment, simply dab any of these products onto your eyelashes before bed and gently wash the substance off in the morning.
    • Vitamin E. Vitamin E is truly a “super vitamin,” and while this vitamin is perhaps best known for its anti-aging skin conditioning properties, it can similarly help to promote longer eyelashes, thanks in large part to its ability to nourish the hair and the hair follicles.
    • Commercial Eyelash Growth Products.  While the jury is still out on many of the self-proclaimed commercial eyelash growth products, recent research shows that a certain ingredient in many of these products—a glaucoma medication called Lumigan—can be highly effective in growing longer lashes.  Since its introduction and FDA approval, sales of Lumigan have skyrocketed, with most women reporting positive results.
    • Curling and Mascara.  To gain the appearance of longer eyelashes, many women turn to two of the old standards:  curling and mascara.  Curling your eyelashes can make them appear longer and more curvaceous, while mascara, when applied carefully and properly, can add noticeable fullness and stunning definition.
    • Go Fake.  If you just can’t wait for any of the above-listed methods to provide you with your own longer lashes, you can always opt for a slightly less than natural approach.  Some of these options—in ascending order of price—include false eyelashes, temporary extensions and the surgical approach of permanent eyelash extensions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be included in the “haves” for a change instead of sitting on the “envy fence” with all of the “have-nots?” Longer eyelashes may take a bit of time, but they do not have to be something you only dream about.  By following some of the simple tips mentioned above you can be well on your way to a dramatically new appearance featuring, among other things, your healthy and longer eyelashes.

Longer eyelashes for beautiful eyes and face!

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