Renew Eyelash Revitalizer Review

Have you always dreamed of having longer, darker and more voluminous eyelashes, without having to resort to expensive eyelash extensions and chemically-based mascara products?  If you have, Renew Eyelash Revitalizer, manufactured by the Renew Company, says it can help.  To test this claim, below we will examine this product a bit more closely, first by describing what the product is supposed to do and how to use it, followed by a brief list of the product’s benefits and downfalls, and our closing thoughts on whether or not Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is right for you.

What Is Renew Eyelash Revitalizer?

Over time, eyelashes can become dry, damaged and sparse.  This can happen for any number of reasons, including excessive rubbing, due to allergies and eye irritants; airborne pollutants and harsh makeup products.  To address this predicament, there have recently been a slew of products introduced, including Renew Eyelash Revitalizer, that are designed to both condition your existing eyelashes and renew eyelash revitalizerstimulate the growth of new ones.

Renew Eyelash Revitalizer, which retails online and in stores for around $80, is a specially formulated serum that moisturizes and repairs dry and brittle lashes, while encouraging and stimulating new growth.  The serum is all-natural and hypoallergenic, and consists of a number of ingredients (which we will list below), including soothing plant extracts, such as Aloe, potent proteins that help to repair the damage that has accumulated over time, and invigorate the hair follicles to produce longer and thicker eyelashes.  When used as directed—applied once a day before bedtime—Renew Eyelash Revitalizer promises to lengthen, darken and thicken your own natural lashes in as little as 12 weeks, thus restoring your youthful appearance.

How to Use Renew Eyelash Revitalizer

Applying Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is very simple.  First, make sure that you wash your face and eyelashes thoroughly to get rid of any makeup products and/or creams.  Once you’ve done this, use the applicator brush and apply a thin coating of the serum along the base of your upper eyelashes, in the same way you would apply liquid eyeliner or mascara.  For best results, Renew recommends you apply their revitalizer at night, right before going to bed, and wash it off first thing in the morning.

Renew Eyelash Revitalizer:  Ingredients

The active and inactive ingredients in Renew Eyelash Revitalizer include:

Apigenin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Oleanolic Acid, Biotin, Biotinyl Tripeptide-1, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, and Proanthocyanidin that form the Renew Growth Factor besides including proprietary formulation such as Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Azelaic Acid, Methylparaben and Propylparaben.


Renew Eyelash Revitalizer:  Pros and Cons


  • Reputable Company.  The Renew Company is considered one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products, with a reputation for delivering quality in every product they sell.
  • All-natural.  Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is made up of all-natural ingredients that work mutually to condition and moisturize your lashes.  The absence of any chemically-based ingredients means that the product very rarely causes the types of irritating side effects seen with other products of its kind.
  • Multi-purpose.  Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is approved for use in both men and women, and can even be used on thinning and over-plucked eyebrows to create more volume and distinction.



  • Expensive.  Retailing at $80 a bottle, Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is certainly not the most expensive eyelash enhancer on the market today, but it’s definitely not the most affordable either, as some products retail for well below $50 or less.
  • Takes a long time to see results.  The Renew Company promises its customers longer, stronger and more voluminous eyelashes after 12 weeks of continued use, but there are several similar products currently available that claim to deliver the same types of results in just 3-4 weeks.
  • Unproven.  Renew has not conducted any formal clinical studies to test the effectiveness of Renew Eyelash Revitalizer.  Moreover, the customer reviews on this product have been mixed, which leads one to believe the product is not effective for all users.


Final Appraisal

Although the Renew Company is a reputable one, the absence of clinical studies to establish the effectiveness of Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is a bit concerning.  Based on the customer reviews of this product, there is a significant number of people who saw little to no enhancement in the length and volume of their eyelashes, which is definitely something you should take into account before shelling out $80 or more to purchase Renew Eyelash Revitalizer.

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