Proper Application Of False Eyelashes

Have you noticed that your once-full and shapely eyelashes have begun to shorten and thin over time?  Are you interested in a solution that, while still fairly easy on the pocketbook, can help you recapture your eyelashes of yesteryear?  False eyelashes are certainly not a new concept, but they are still the go-to solution for women seeking longer lashes to brilliantly accent their eyes.  Yet despite the popularity of the faux eyelashes solution, many women still struggle with their proper application.  If you, too, have similar struggles, the following information may prove to be very useful.  Here we will discuss why false lashes are such an ideal eyelash-lengthening option for women, and outline, in detail, the proper application technique, including a list of the equipment you’ll need to properly complete the process.

Why Choose False Eyelashes?

Thinning eyelashes is a fairly common predicament among women, with causes ranging from advancing age and heredity to environmental toxins, allergies and disease.  But regardless of the cause, this type of thinning can be very frustrating for women, especially for those women who are experiencing this condition for the first time. Fortunately, there are a number of alternate solutions for women—solutions aimed primarily at enhancing their eyelashes and accentuating their eyes, and these include mascara, eyeliner, eyelash tints and even permanent eyelash extensions.  But perhaps the best solution, especially when you consider factors such as safety, effectiveness and cost, is false eyelashes.

Mascara and eyeliner may cost a bit less than the higher-end false eyelashes; however, these substances rarely produce authentic-looking results.  Moreover, when using these chemically-harsh products—products that must be painstakingly applied on a daily basis—some women may develop certain allergies—allergies which can further damage their eyelashes and inhibit new growth.  Tints and dyes can also be allergens, not to mention the fact that applying these tints—usually at a salon—can be very pricy and inconvenient.  Finally, there is the “permanent extension” solution to thinning eyelashes, a stunningly effective solution indeed, but only if you don’t mind shelling out thousands of dollars and undergoing painful surgery.

When all the safety and cost factors of these other options are considered, it does seem to suggest that false eyelashes may be your best bet for creating prominent, eye-popping lashes that truly stand out.

False Eyelashes and Their Application

Applying false eyelashes can be quick and easy if you a follow a few simple steps, beginning with assembling the equipment you’ll need.  This includes:

  • A complete set of small eyelashes (4)
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Eyelash adhesive
  • Mirror

Ensure that the tweezers close properly and that the scissors are small and sharp. Is there enough light for you to see what you are doing? And finally, make sure that you are not disturbed or interrupted while you are putting on your false eyelashes.

Once your equipment is assembled, the following steps should be followed for best results:

  • Measuring Your Eyelash Area.  When measuring the area to which your false eyelashes will be applied, begin at the curve of the inside corner of the eye (the area where the iris begins) and measure to the outermost corner of your eye.  If your false eyelash is too long, use the scissors to trim it to size.
  • Bend the False Eyelash.  To fit the curve of your eye, bend the false eyelash into a horseshoe shape until it becomes fully flexible.
  • Add Adhesive. On the bottom portion of the eyelash strip, dab a tiny amount of lash adhesive, and give it several seconds to become tacky.
  • Apply the False Eyelash. In the area previously measured, firmly apply the false eyelashes to the base of the eyelid, making sure that the shorter lashes are on the inside corner.  Repeat this step with the bottom eyelashes and with the alternate eye.

To help you, we have added this video which shows you how to put false eyelashes on the right way…

false eyelashes

False eyelashesare the perfect solution for that special occasion or night on the town.  When applied correctly, these high-quality false eyelashes will blend in splendidly with your own lashes to generate a noticeably fuller eyelash appearance

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