MaxoLash Review

MaxoLash is  a product that can both condition your eyelashes, while also enhancing them to make them look longer, stronger and fuller?  Have you tried MaxoLash yet— this eyelash growth product promises to bring your lashes back to life and restore your youthful appearance?  When it comes to eyelash stimulators and conditioners, there are now many options from which to choose, some of which are better than others.  That’s why shopping around and researching the various products is such a crucial step.  To help you get started, in this article we will take a closer look at MaxoLash, describing in detail how the product is supposed to work (at least according to the manufacturer), and listing some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with buying and using MaxoLash.


What Is MaxoLash?

MaxoLash is a beauty enhancement product manufactured and distributed by Dermagevity maxolashCosmeceuticals, a company that specializes in cosmetic-type products.  In short, the primary aim of MaxoLash is to help women whose eyelashes have become brittle, short and/or damaged over time, due to factors such as harsh weather conditions, allergies of the eye, environmental pollutants and harmful cosmetic products.  Dermagevity claims that MaxoLash can help condition damaged and sparse eyelashes and “produce” new eyelashes that are longer, fuller and more youthful in appearance.

MaxoLash retails for $109, is all-natural and is formulated with the body’s pH balance in mind, so as to minimize skin and eye irritation.

How to Use MaxoLash

MaxoLash is very easy and convenient to use.  Its application is identical to applying mascara or eyeliner, in that the topical serum is applied thinly to the base of each eyelash, top and bottom, once a day using the brush that comes included with your purchase.  Dermagevity recommends customers apply MaxoLash at night, right before bedtime, to clean, recently-washed eyelashes and eyebrows, and wash the product away in the morning.  This is not only very convenient, but it allows the serum to work overnight as you sleep, reducing the chance that the product can be accidentally wiped away during the course of your daily activities.  If you do choose to apply it in the morning, rather than at night, and choose to wear mascara, MaxoLash should be applied beforehand.


MaxoLash Ingredients

MaxoLash combines water, proteins, vitamins and certain extracts that work together to condition eyelashes and provide much-needed oxygen to each eyelash hair and follicle to help stimulate new growth.  The main active ingredients in MaxoLash are Hyaluronic Acid, Provitamin B5, also known as Panthenol, a very common ingredient in eyelash-enhancing products and Glycoproteins.


MaxoLash Pros and Cons


  • Manufactured by a legitimate company.  Dermagevity Cosmeceuticals is a reputable beauty supply company with a reputation for making quality products.
  • Product is guaranteed.  Dermagevity offers a no-questions-asked guarantee to customers who are somehow dissatisfied with the results.
  • All-natural.  Unlike some eyelash conditioners and rejuvenators, MaxoLash is all-natural and completely safe to use.


  • Limited availability.  Currently, MaxoLash is not available in stores.  It is only available online through the Dermagevity website, and a few hand-picked affiliates.
  • Price.  At over $100 a bottle, it is on the high-end of the scale when compared to similar products of this kind.
  • Limited reviews.  It is very difficult to find unbiased reviews from actual MaxoLash customers.


Final Appraisal


MaxoLash has a lot of good things going for it.  The product is all-natural, which means the number of side effects, such as irritation at the application site, is minimal.  It is also manufactured by a reputable and legitimate company that offers customers a full refund if they are in any way unhappy with the results.


On the downside, MaxoLash is priced very high for a product of this kind, and its limited online-only availability makes it impossible for customers to actually see or try out the product before purchasing it.  Couple that with limited reviews and you get a virtually unknown product priced at the high end of the scale.  This is a risk that many of you will understandingly not be willing to take, especially when there are lower-priced products than MaxoLash that are widely available in stores







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