Make Eyelashes Look Longer – With Permanent Extensions

Trying to make eyelashes look longer? Have you absolutely had it with your short, stubby and dreary eyelashes?  Are you exhausted from the daily ritual of curling, primping and coating just to try and achieve the appearance of longer eyelashes?  If so, you may want to consider permanent eyelash extensions—an eyelash enhancement strategy that is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world.  There are several advantages to the permanent eyelash extensions procedure, but also a few disadvantages you should be aware of before making a final decision.  To assist you in this decision making process, in this article we will introduce you to, and explain the permanent eyelash extension solution to make eyelashes look longer, and point out a few of the advantages and disadvantages of this enhancement procedure

Make Eyelashes Look Longer with Permanent Extensions:  The Advantages

Perhaps the biggest advantage of permanent eyelash extensions is that they are, well, permanent, which means they offer an everlasting solution for longer eyelashes.  Permanent eyelash extensions involve just a single surgical procedure lasting a mere 2 hours in duration.  During that surgery, 30 new eyelashes, all made from natural human hair, are grafted onto each eyelid, and once the surgery is completed, your extensions will be permanently affixed.  This means you can finally say goodbye to mascara, false eyelashes and the hassle of their application forever.

make eyelashes look longer


Permanent eyelash extensions look exactly like the real thing, providing you with a lifetime of longer eyelashes that are dramatically full and utterly seductive.  If you’re tired of dreaming about longer eyelashes and you can spare the expense and inconvenience of surgery, than permanent eyelash extensions may just be the way to go.

Make Eyelashes Look Longer with Permanent Extensions:  The Disadvantages

As with most good things in life, permanent eyelash extensions also have a few disadvantages that must be noted.  First of all, it’s a surgical procedure, and like any surgical procedure it has some inherent risks, including the potential for dangerous infections.  Upon conclusion of the surgery, you will also need to endure a few mildly painful weeks of recovery time, as your eyelids will be red, sore and tender from the trauma of the surgery.

Permanent eyelash extensions are also very expensive, and as with any cosmetic or non-medical procedure it would typically not be covered under your health insurance.  To be fair, when compared against a lifetime of mascara and false eyelash purchases, the procedure may actually save money over the long term, but if you cannot afford a hefty up-front fee for surgery, this may not be the way to go.


Although many of the proponents of permanent eyelash extensions promote them as “a onetime solution,” that claim is not wholly accurate.  Because the extensions are grafted onto your eyelid and made from human hair, they will continue to grow, which means the extensions will require regular trimming, usually at the expense of a salon visit.


Longer eyelashes through permanent extensions are certainly not for everybody, and should only be considered when all other measures to grow your own longer eyelashes naturally have been exhausted.  However, if you do opt to have the procedure, you can typically expect fantastic results, as the majority of women who have undergone this surgery to make eyelashes look longer are generally very pleased with the outcome.

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