Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally by Improving Growth Time

Women will do almost anything to achieve at least the appearance of having grown longer eyelashes naturally, best evidenced, perhaps, by the sheer volume of mascara and other eye makeup sold worldwide to the tune of billions of dollars each year.  However, once that mascara is removed, a woman’s eyelashes are, of course, the same length. And for many women, that mascara may have damaged the eyelash follicles and interrupted the natural cycle of growth.  According to researchers, though, there may be another way to achieve longer eyelashes naturally, a more natural approach that will actually improve the growth time and volume of eyelash hair.

Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally:  The Natural Tendencies of Growth for Eyelashes

On the human head, hair can typically continue to grow for up to three years before it is pushed out by new growth.  Eyelashes, however, will only grow for up to three months before they are shed to make room for new hairs, limiting, obviously, the length these hairs can grow to.

This natural growth cycle of eyelashes has caught the attention of researchers from around the world, some of whom have now proven that growing longer eyelashes naturally is indeed possible when the natural growing time is increased.  Moreover, they found that this would also increase the number of eyelashes on the eyelid at any given time, adding to the volume and fullness of the eyelashes—another trait coveted by women. To grow longer eyelashes naturally became a challenge to cosmetic companies because of the long term profit potential.

According to one researcher at L’Oreal,  one of the world’s biggest cosmetics manufacturer, “eyelashes are similar to other hair in many ways, but they have two key differences we can exploit.”

The differences to which L’Oreal was referring were first, the actual speed of growth with regard to eyelashes—which is much faster than hair on other parts of the body—and second, the volume of hair that can be grown at any one time.  On this second point, researchers determined that at any one time, close to 75 percent of head hair is consistently growing, but in eyelashes that number was below 15 percent.  What the researchers found was that by improving the natural growth speed of eyelashes, and increasing the percentage of hairs growing at any one time—in other words, postponing the hairs’ resting phase, which is when eyelashes fall out—longer eyelashes were not only probable, but very likely.

Have Longer Eyelashes Naturally By Improving Growth Time and Volume

The researchers at L’Oreal, in a clinical trial that spanned 3 months and involved 32 women, found that an interesting combination, one made up of arginine—an amino acid—extracts of Centella asiatica—a Mexican plant—and citric acid seemed to have the best effects in improving the growth cycle and postponing the resting phase of the eyelashes.  In conducting the trial, these 3 ingredients were mixed together to form a white gel, which was then applied to the roots of the eyelashes once a day—at night, just before each of the women went to bed.

Upon conclusion of the trial, it was determined that each of the 32 women saw longer eyelashes—at least 20% longer—and some saw increases of up to 30% in both length and density—a result, by the way, that even surprised the researchers.

longer eyelashes naturally

Thirty of the 32 women in the study were so impressed by the results that they asked for and received a sample of the ” longer eyelashes naturally ” serum to take home with them, although L’Oreal has yet to develop the gel for retail sales—which they plan to do in the near future, according to a L’Oreal spokesperson.

This study is but one example of the groundbreaking strides researchers are making with regard to longer eyelashes through natural eyelash growth. And this amazing research may prove very detrimental to the mascara industry, who will see this as a threat against their long held market position but growing longer eyelashes naturally will soon become the norm.

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