Help Eyelashes Grow: Some Basic Home Care Tips

To help eyelashes grow and perform their duty, they must be taken care of. From an anatomical standpoint, your eyelashes are very functional, as it is these tiny, delicate hairs that help to protect your eyes from dirt, debris and other pollutants.  However, like most women, you probably view your lashes from more of an aesthetic perspective, as a way to beautify and accentuate your eyes.  This is not only understandable, but quite correct.  Long and healthy lashes can do wonders for your overall appearance, and to help you achieve this lofty goal, in this article we have compiled some basic, at-home tips designed to help you comprehensively care for and help eyelashes grow.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your eyelashes will remain long, beautiful and strong. Thinning eyelash hairs will be thing of the past and people will actually ask you how you manage to have gorgeous lashes even in your fifties, sixties and seventies.

Help Eyelashes Grow – Basic Tips for the Daily Care of Your Eyelashes

In your ongoing and meticulous daily hygiene routine, a routine carefully designed to keep both your skin and hair clean, soft and healthy, there may be times when you inadvertently neglect the tiny hairs that make up your eyelashes.  These omissions are reasonable, especially considering how diminutive this area is, but keep in mind that your eyelash hairs are constantly being exposed to pollutants and other toxins that can collect within the hairs and make them extremely fragile.  Because of this and to help eyelashes grow, these hairs require consistent daily care to keep them clean, strong and to promote new growth.  Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Keep Your Hair and Face Clean.  When dirt and pollutants accumulate on your hair, scalp and face, these substances can then be transferred very easily to your eyelids and eyelash hairs.  To address this, shampoo your hair regularly and wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day, especially before going to bed at night, as this can be an ideal time for dirt and toxins to settle in and weaken your lashes.
  • Wash Your Eyelids and Lashes.  There are several gentle cleansers available that are designed specifically for cleaning the eye and eyelash area.  But if these products are not readily available to you, after thoroughly washing your face at night, try putting a bit of baby oil on a clean soft sponge and gently scrub your eyelids and eyelash hairs until all dust, makeup and mascara have been removed.  This daily activity is crucial for eyelash health because the harsh chemicals found in many eye makeup products can seriously damage your lashes and stunt their growth.
  • Moisturize Your Lashes.  Like most women, using moisturizing cream on your skin is probably an integral component of your daily cleaning ritual, but don’t forget your lashes.  This can be accomplished by brushing a dab of olive oil, castor oil or Vaseline directly onto your lashes.  These three household substances have all proven effective for moisturizing eyelash hairs, as well as for drawing out dirt and toxins—an important step to help eyelashes grow.
  • No Plucking and No Waxing.  Many women—and men—share the unfortunate habit of tugging at and/or plucking their eyelash hairs.  This is never recommended.  First of all, Mother Nature requires no assistance and is alone quite capable of handling the growth and loss cycle of your eyelash hairs, and second, dirt and toxins can quickly be transferred from your hands to your lashes, creating additional problems in that area.  You should also avoid waxing your lashes, as studies have shown this too can inhibit the growth process.
help eyelashes grow


This may sound like far too many steps and rules, a huge hassle for such a small area of the body.  However, once you incorporate these basic eye care tips into your daily routine you’ll generally find they take just a few minutes each day, ultimately providing you with cleaner, healthier eyelashes that will remain full and intact for the entirety of their intended lifecycle.

Help eyelashes grow by taking care of them. You will reap the long term benefits.

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