Grow Longer Lashes Using Home Remedies

Are you dismayed by the current appearance of your once-full eyelashes?  Would you be interested in a few home remedies to grow longer lashes—eyelashes that are fuller and more dramatic in appearance?  The eyelash area has but a few hair follicles when compared to the rest of the body, and similar to other types of human hair, eyelashes are constantly in a cycle of growth and loss, and can be affected by environmental pollutants, as well as toxins found in everyday eye-enhancement products.  Consequently, maintaining longer eyelashes, ones that are healthy and full, can often pose quite a challenge.

How To Grow Longer Lashes:  Identifying the Problem

grow longer lashes

Eyelashes can take quite an everyday beating, and except for the occasional washing of the face, these tiny hairs are rarely cared for in the manner they require.  Consider this:  Chemical-based mascara, eyeliner, makeup and remover, products which some women use each and every day, can have a serious impact on eyelashes, eventually causing them to fall out prematurely before another growth cycle can begin. Eyelashes are also susceptible to the same environmental pollutants that can damage your skin, and when these pollutants accumulate on the eyelids it can hamper new eyelash growth.  Couple all this with eye infections and a whole host of potential medical problems that can affect your attemps to grow longer lashes, and it’s easy to see how fragile these lashes truly are.

Grow Longer Lashes:  Home Remedies that care for Eyelashes and Promote Growth

When eyelash follicles become congested or clogged, infections can quickly set in.  Therefore, it’s imperative that you consistently wash and maintain this area—a process that will detoxify your eyelashes and reverse the effects of harmful pollutants.  There are also many home remedies that can help provide needed nourishment to eyelash follicles, which in turn rejuvenates them and encourages them to grow longer lashes.  Some of these remedies include:

  • Use Oils to Clean Eyelash Impurities. Oils that can promote longer eyelashes include olive oil and castor oil.  Both have emollients that help to capture and draw out dirt and other impurities, and as the oil is drawn into the hair follicle it can also help to stimulate growth.  This treatment, which is accomplished by simply brushing a small amount of either of these two oils onto your eyelashes before going to bed, and then gently washing it off in the morning, is temperate enough to use every day.
  • Promote Longer Eyelashes with Lemon Peel. Lemon peel extract, when added to either olive oil or castor oil, can enhance the cleaning and growth stimulating properties of the oil.  Simply slice off a small piece of the lemon rind, allow it to dry itself of some its moisture, add the peel to your favorite oil and allow approximately 5-7 days for the lemon’s essence and growth stimulating nutrients to infuse the oil.  Once complete, simply use the oil as described in the previous tip.
  • Trim In Order To Grow Longer Lashes. If you’ve ever pruned roses before, you understand that pruning the branches helps to stimulate new growth and buds. This same rationale holds true for eyelashes.  By trimming the very tips of your eyelashes each month, you’ll help to stimulate the hair follicles and promote longer lashes.

To meet the ongoing challenge inherent in attempting to grow longer lashes and maintaining them, there are a number of commercial products available, but most of these can be very expensive, with no guarantees that they’ll even work.  On the other hand, the remedies mentioned above offer a cost effective strategy for caring for your eyelashes at home using everyday products.  This approach is not only simple but followed diligently, will help you grow longer lashes; it will also save you a small fortune in the long run.

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