Grow Eyelashes Naturally

grow eyelashes naturallyDo you want to grow eyelashes naturally? Are you sick and tired of spending so much of your precious time and money buying, applying and removing mascara and other eyelash producrs, all just to get the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes?  Would you be interested in learning a more natural approach to grow eyelashes, an approach that didn’t involve mascara, false eyelashes or extensions?

Women in the United States—and around the world for that matter—have long done their part in creating enormous wealth for many of the large cosmetic and mascara manufacturers.  And although this trend will probably not change anytime soon, there are some newly talked about methods and procedures that may help you grow eyelashes more naturally, and thus make these mascara purchases wholly unnecessary.

In this article we will explain some of these methods and techniques in a bit more detail and illustrate why these methods are a much safer alternative than cosmetics as a way to grow eyelashes.

Grow Eyelashes Naturally:  A Quick Word about Mascara

Mascara has long been the preferred eyelash enhancement strategy for many women, but recent research indicates that the chemicals and dyes contained in mascara and other eye makeup can actually damage the hair follicles and permanently stunt their growth.  For this reason alone, many women are opting for a more natural approach to grow eyelashes, one that doesn’t include chemicals or dyes.  These natural approaches may not be the most rapid form of eyelash enhancement, but in the long run they will invariably produce the best result:  eyelashes that are stronger, fuller and much healthier.

Grow Eyelashes Naturally:  A Few Tips

To grow eyelashes naturally, it is first necessary to understand their lifecycle—a lifecycle that is very subtle in nature, yet so very important to the well being and long-term look of the eyelashes.  Generally, the individual hairs that make up the eyelashes will grow for approximately 3 months, at which time they are replaced by new growth.

The trick to grow eyelashes naturally, just like looking after a baby, is to care for and protect those eyelashes while they grow. By caring for them this way, it will not only protect the eyelashes but can add much needed time to their growth cycle. This will then allow them to get longer before they are ultimately shed.  This procedure to grow eyelashes has been followed by professionals who use the techniques on their clients to give movie star eyes.

Below are just a few tips that can help you accomplish this feat:

  • Proper Nourishment.  Without proper nourishment, the growth cycle of things like hair and fingernails can cease or be temporarily halted, and since eyelashes qualify as hair…well, you get the picture.  Proper nourishment, which includes a balanced diet of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fat and plenty of water, will help to grow eyelashes longer by adding time to their natural growth cycle.
  • Vitamins.  Several vitamins can also help to grow eyelashes naturally, especially in those who are aged and losing eyelashes more rapidly.  Experts recommend a daily multivitamin supplement once a day to help with all of the body’s natural functions.  Vitamin E can also be applied topically to eyelashes.  When Vitamin E is brushed onto your eyelashes once a day using a clean brush it can help to fortify and protect your eyelashes, allowing them to grow longer.
  • Lubricants.  There are many women who absolutely swear by lubricants as a way to grow eyelashes naturally.  When these products, products that include olive oil, petroleum jelly and several different specialty products, are applied nightly to eyelashes, they can help keep them clean and strong, which can significantly and positively influence their growth time.
  • Brush.  Just like the hair on your scalp, eyelashes can have a positive, healthy response to regular brushing.

The simple truth is that mascara, while it may look nice when applied properly, is just not very good for your eyelashes.  The treatments mentioned above will not only help you but they are much better for your eyelashes than mascara, and gentle enough to be used every day. Many people use these to grow eyelashes naturally.

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