Eyelash Extensions Review – Are Eyelash Extensions Better Than False Eyelashes?

An eyelash extensions review has compared eyelash extensions against false eyelashes to give an idea as to which option is best. To start with, have you always dreamed of having longer eyelashes, the type of eyelashes you see on the faces of today’s celebrities and fashion models?  If so, have you given any thought as to which method or technique for longer eyelashes would offer you the best and most convenient results?  Believe it or not, many of your favorite celebrities were not born with their gorgeously seductive eyelashes, but they do have fashion consultants and makeup artists whose job it is to ensure their famous clients always look their best.  Among other things, this process typically includes the enhancement and lengthening of eyelashes, and while false eyelashes have certainly been the option of choice through the years, recently they have been replaced by a much more authentic and convenient option: eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Review

Longer eyelashes can do wonders for your overall appearance, especially for bringing out the color and shine of your eyes, but when you’re not naturally blessed with these longer eyelashes you’ll need to choose between the two most popular options:  false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. This eyelash extensions review, will hopefully, allow you to make that decision.

False eyelashes offer one—and only one—advantage over eyelash extensions, and that is affordability.  False eyelashes are very affordable, ranging in price from just a few dollars at the large discount chain stores to $40-$50 in higher-end salons.  On the other hand, depending on where you go for your eyelash extensions, you can generally expect to pay $250-$500, a fee that includes the extensions and their application.  This is admittedly rather pricey for a solution that lasts but a few weeks, but for special occasions such as weddings, proms and even for extended vacations, the price is definitely worth it for the results you’ll see—results that will almost certainly get you noticed and turn a few heads.

Which looks better?

Eyelash extensions look more authentic than false eyelashes, meaning they are much closer in appearance to your real eyelashes, largely due to the difference in application.  False eyelashes, even the ones made from genuine human hair, which are more expensive, come in a single strip and are applied solely to the base of the eyelid.  In contrast, eyelash extensions are applied individually, glued using a special adhesive, to the eyelid and the eyelash, into which each piece is artfully weaved.  This application makes it nearly impossible to see where your real eyelash ends and the extension begins, making your new longer eyelashes look stunning and phenomenally natural looking  as well.

Unlike permanent eyelash extensions, which require a surgical and quite painful procedure, the eyelash extensions we speak of here are usually deemed “semi-permanent” and will typically last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how well they were glued and how you care for them after application.  False eyelashes, on the other hand, seldom last longer than a single day (sometimes not even that long depending on the quality of glue) and are extremely fragile to the touch.

eyelash extensions review

Conclusion of eyelash extensions review

In summary, except for the price factor, eyelash extensions are usually your best bet for longer eyelashes.  You may have to pay a little more, but the price is certainly worth it.  Not only do eyelash extensions offer a world of difference in terms of the authenticity of appearance, you’ll never have to worry about your longer eyelashes accidentally falling off during your big event. Hopefully, this eyelash extensions review has helped.

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