Eyelash Enhancer For Longer Thicker Eyelashes

Why Use An Eyelash Enhancer?

For women, getting longer thicker eyelashes have always been a very difficult  part of their beauty. Many, if not most women, are born with eyelashes which are short, thin and brittle. As they get older, the problem worsens and trying to grow longer eyelashes really becomes a challenge. Over the last few years, using an eyelash enhancer has become a very important part of a woman’s beauty armoury and women are spending millions on trying to find the eyelash enhancer which will give them the ultimate in beautiful long, thick eyelashes. There are various enhancers on the market but which ones are really safe and effective?

Eyelash Enhancer No 1 – Eyelash Extensions

Although eyelash extensions are one of the most common forms of eyelash enhancements around, they are also the most expensive. The cost for a pair of semi-permanent eyelashes can run into hundreds of dollars and for most women, this is completely unaffordable. On the other hand, using the cheaper style of eyelash extensions could result in them falling off and leaving glue on the eyelashes and the possibility of the natural eyelashes being pulled off in the process of removing the glue.  Whilst the salon quality eyelashes look the best and most natural, the high cost means that many women simply cannot afford them and must therefore look for an alternative eyelash enhancer.

Eyelash Enhancer No 2 – Eyelash Mascaras

An alternative to eyelash extensions is eyelash mascaras. They have become very popular in recent years and nearly all of the large beauty and cosmetic companies now offer mascaras which will give you the longer eyelash look. Unfortunately, many of them are the normal mascaras, re-branded to give the look and feel of longer eyelashes mascaras. But an element of care is required. Many of these eyelash lengthening mascaras will make the eyelashes appear longer for only a short period of time before fading. It has been discovered that the top range mascaras do perform better and do give the longer eyelashes look. So, it would be best to stay away from the cheaper option mascara eyelash enhancer which will only make your eyelashes look bad and go with the up market eyelash mascaras.

Eyelash Enhancer No 3 – Eyelash Serums

The final and probably one of the best eyelash enhancer around is the eyelash serum.  Although eyelash serums have not been around for a long time, their effectiveness as an eyelash growth product and enhancer has made them very popular. The way that eyelash serums work is by applying the required vitamins and eyelash nutrients directly into the eyelash hair follicle. This has the effect of creating a thicker, healthier and longer eyelash. They have only been about in the last few years yet have become surprisingly popular in such a short period of time.  Eyelash enhancement serums are normally used over a period of time,normally one or two moths. During this time, the serum is applied once a day in the same fashion that you would apply your mascara. The majority of users can expect to see longer and thicker eyelashes within one month of starting the process. As an eyelash enhancer for growing eyelashes, eyelash serums have proved they work and hence the increase in popularity.

Conclusioneyelash enhancer

Therefore, whilst there are various methods available to not only give a person the impression of having longer, thicker eyelashes but actually grow eyelashes like these, there is only one cost effective way. To grow long eyelashes in a semi-natural way yet being cheap enough for the majority of women to use, eyelash serums is the way forward. Theeyelash enhancer serums have been made from formulas which have been tested and known to produce the kind of long, thick eyelashes women desire. And the best part of it is that the longer eyelashes are permanent and will give you beautiful eyes all the time. But to achieve this, you must use the eyelash enhancer serum continuously.

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