DermaLash Review

If there was a product that proved effective in repairing and restoring damaged eyelashes, would you be interested?  What about a product that could actually stimulate the growth of brand new lashes?  Would that pique your interest?  These claims may sound too good to be true, but according to the DermaQuest Company, that’s exactly what you can expect when you purchase its product called DermaLash.  However, to help you make a more informed purchasing decision, below we will take a closer look at some of the product’s details, including the price you can expect to pay, the ingredients, how it works, and it’s overall effectiveness as a eyelash conditioner and/or growth stimulator.


About DermaLash

DermaLash is one of several beauty products offered by DermaQuest.  It belongs to a class of products called eyelash stimulators or lash conditioners, and is just one of the many products that are now manufactured by scores of different companies—designed for this purpose.

Like all the hairs on the human body, eyelashes have a life cycle, which basically means that after a while they will fall out and will eventually be dermalashreplaced by new growth.  However, when eyelashes become dry, brittle or damaged, they can often break or fall out prematurely, before they’re ready to be replaced.  This results in the “thinned-out” look of eyelashes—the look millions of women (and some men) try to conceal with mascara and other products.

So what causes eyelashes to fall out prematurely?  Actually, there could be any number of factors responsible for this, including excessive rubbing, usually due to irritation or eye allergies, extreme heat, environmental smog and pollutants, and harsh cosmetic products that often contain damaging chemicals.

This, according to DermaQuest, is where DermaLash can help.

DermaLash is a concentrated serum applied topically to the base of both the bottom and top eyelash of each eye.  For best results, it is recommended you apply it once a day, preferably at night, and thoroughly remove the product in the morning using warm soapy water.  This process should be repeated each night as a way to restore, replenish and condition your eyelashes.

DermaQuest bills its DermaLash serum as a substitute for harsh mascara, which merely serves to hide thinning and damaged lashes.  With DermaLash, instead of concealing your eyelashes with potentially harmful products, you will now be able to condition and strengthen your existing lashes, making them appear darker, fuller and much more distinctive.  The product also claims it will work as a hair growth stimulator, essentially speeding up the natural process of eyelash growth.  Currently, DermaLash retails for $93, and can be purchased both online, through the main website and participating affiliates, as well as in many salons and other stores where beauty products are sold.


Ingredients in DermaLash

Unlike other products in this class, DermaQuest fails to list the ingredients of DermaLash on its main website.  What they do instead is provide a comprehensive list of ingredients for ALL of their products, making it virtually impossible to know the exact ingredients used to make this particular product.  Oddly, customers can obtain a partial list of the ingredients for DermaLash on many third-party affiliate sites, but without official confirmation from DermaQuest it’s very difficult to know whether or not that information is accurate.  Some of the ingredients listed on these affiliate websites include:

Wheat and soy protein, a number of different glycol variations, plant and root extracts, biotin, peptides, anageline and milk protein lactose.

According to affiliate sites, it’s the peptides and anageline found in DermaLash that are responsible for promoting new eyelash growth.  These ingredients work to boost the density of the hair follicle, and provide oxygen to the base of each hair bulb to rejuvenate and replenish the follicle itself, thus stimulating new growth.


DermaLash:  Pros and Cons


  • A name you can trust.  DermaQuest is a well-established company with a good reputation for making quality beauty products.
  • Convenience.  DermaLash is very easy to apply, with no mess, and works overnight.  It is also available both online and in stores, which many similar products cannot claim.
  • Price.  Believe it or not, DermaLash is actually only in the mid-range when compared to other lash stimulators and conditioners, and is less expensive than many similar products.



  • Where is the list of ingredients?  Although DermaQuest offers an all-encompassing list of ingredients for the entirety of their products, they neglect to list the specific ingredients found in DermaLash.  This glaring omission makes it look like they are trying to hide the product’s ingredients, albeit in plain sight.
  • Where’s the proof.  Customers will be hard-pressed to locate any clinical studies, data or research reports that confirm the claims made by DermaQuest that their product is indeed effective as a growth stimulator.  If there are any of these reports, they are not on the company’s website for public viewing.


DermaLash:  Final Thoughts

DermaQuest is a well-respected company with a history of manufacturing quality products, and at $93 DermaLash is priced fairly in relation to the competition.  If the ingredients that are listed on affiliate websites are accurate, we can assume that the product is effective as a conditioner, but without official confirmation of those ingredients, and in the absence of any clinical studies or confirmed research that proves its efficacy, it’s nearly impossible to tender a final opinion on DermaLash, let alone recommend it.

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