Cheap Eyelash Extensions For Longer Eyelashes

Many girls and women are joing the new craze for cheap eyelash extensions such as semi-permanent eyelash extensions which celebrities  like Cheryl Cole and the Kardashians wear. They are seen as not only looking good but because of the low cost, they are affordable for a large number of women as well. However, there have been warnings from the College of Optometrists that this rush for longer eyelashes at whatever cost could have negative effects on the eyes.

This stems from the way that eyelash extensions work. Compared to permanent eyelash extensions, the normal cheap eyelash extensions last for about 6 weeks. The eyelash extensions are attached to the natural eyelash with a glue, compared to false eyelashes, which are synthetic lashes applied to the eyelids and then taken off after use. Because eyelash extensions are attached to the natural eyelash, care must be taken to ensure that this procedure is carried out by a reputable salon with qualified staff and any aftercare advice is followed carefully.


Cheap Eyelash Extensions – why women choose this option

When shopping around for eyelash extensions, one factor which is taken into consideration is the price, as the cost of these extensions can range from low to very high. But cheap eyelash extensions despite their low cost can hold their own in the eyelash fashion world, in particular in the field of having longer eyelashes. There are many reasons why these eyelash extensions are chosen by women over other methods of growing longer eyelashes. Although in no particular order, the list below gives some ideas as to why this is so: –

  • they can last for 6 weeks with due care and maintenance
  • there is no operation to undergo
  • can be worn in swimming pools, baths and showers without worrying about them falling off
  • the extensions are very natural looking and light in weight
  • take away the need for eyelash curlers amd mascaras
  • the eyelash extensions come in different colour, thickness and lenghts. You choose whatever suits you
  • once fitted, the eyelashes will appear fuller, darker and definitely longer
  • the eyes will look brighter, bigger and more beautiful without any make up

Cheap Eyelash Extensions – what to look for

When choosing the salon to carry out the eyelash extension procedure, don’t always go to the one which promises you really cheap eyelash extensions, whether in this country or abroad. What you must ensure is that the person carrying out the procedure is qualified and certified to carry out eyelash extensions. Otherwise, the results can be horrendous. Many women have suffered permanent damage to their eyelashes by making the wrong decision.

This procedure entails an eyelash extension applied to each and every natural eyelash and therefore must not be rushed. Those offering really cheap eyelash extensions, in many cases, rush the work in order to get as many people in as possible to compensate for the low prices they charge. This will affect how your eyelashes are treated. Normally, the whole process takes about two and a half hours.

You will know when your eyelash extensions have been properly applied. You should not be able to feel them. There should be no weight on your cheap eyelash extensionslids/eyelashes. Your eyelashes should be individually separated, not clumped together, yet give that full look. If not done correctly, your eyelashes will feel heavy and very uncomfortable. When you look at your eyelids, you will see multiple eyelashes glued together onto one eyelash to give a clumpy look.  These eyelash extensions can be carried out perfectly as well. It all depends on the technician’s experience.

In conclusion, because of the cost, many women are opting for this method to get longer eyelashes. It’s not so much that the extensions are cheap that is the worry. The problem is where you go to get your eyelash extensions done. Take care when choosing the salon offering these cheap eyelash extensions.










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