Altisce Review

Altisce is a non-prescription eyelash conditioner and growth stimulant that can help your eyelashes grow longer and increase in volume.  Available only online, the powerful serum in Altisce contains the same active ingredient as the product Latisse—a similar product that is only available with a doctor’s prescription.  When used regularly, Altisce promises to repair and moisturize dry, brittle and damaged eyelashes, while also increasing the life cycle of each individual eyelash hair. In as little as 4-6 weeks with continued use it will produce eyelashes that are longer, stronger and more voluminous and distinct.

Altisce has been tested in several clinical studies for safety and effectiveness, and while it can produce some undesirable side effects in some users, the product is generally effective for growing eyelashes and fairly safe to use.

Altisce retails for $199 on the manufacturer’s website (Altisce), but it can often be found at a considerable discount on affiliate websites.


Altisce:  Application Directions

Altisce is applied just like liquid eyeliner.  Using the included applicator, apply a thin line of Altisce on each of your upper lashes where they meet your eyelids.  Start at the inside corner of your eyelash and move outward, taking care to avoid skin and eye contact.  Apply the product once a day, altiscepreferably at night before bedtime, for best results.


Altisce Ingredients

The active ingredient in Altisce is bimatoprost, the same active ingredient found in prescription Latisse.  This ingredient has been shown to increase the duration of the eyelash hair growth cycle, also known as the anagen phase, thus allowing your lashes to grow longer and thicker.  It can also increase the number of eyelash hairs present at any given time.

The active ingredients in Altisce include:

Benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, dibasic, citric acid and purified water


Altisce:  Pros and Cons


  • Same formula as Latisse.  Latisse is an FDA approved eyelash growth stimulant that can only be obtained with a doctor’s description.  Altisce, a product that can be purchased online without a prescription, boasts the very same formula as its prescription-only counterpart, including the active ingredient bimatoprost, responsible for new hair growth.
  • Clinical studies.  In clinical studies, not only did Altisce prove to be every bit as effective as Latisse, it was also deemed safe for use.
  • Fast-acting and convenient.  Altisce is applied once a day, right before bedtime, making it very convenient to use.  It also works quickly, in just a matter of weeks.



  • Price.  While Altisce, at $199 a bottle, is somewhat more affordable than prescription Latisse, the product is priced much higher than other eyelash growth formulas, some of which can be purchased for $50 or less.
  • Side effects.  Altisce has been known to cause a wide range of side effects in some users.  These include a change in eye color, a darkening of the skin on and around the eyelids, and skin irritation that typically causes redness and itching.  It is also not approved for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding due to some of the chemical ingredients in the formula.
  • Requires continued use.  With Altisce, women can usually see longer and thicker lashes within 2 months with regular use, but to maintain those long, lush lashes you will need to continue using the product daily, otherwise your eyelashes will revert back to the way they looked before beginning treatment.  As you might imagine, at $199 a bottle that can quickly get expensive.


Final Appraisal

So is Altisce right for you?  The fact that Altisce is almost identical to the prescription formula Latisse is a strong indication of its effectiveness in creating longer and fuller eyelashes, but at what cost?  Not only is Altisce priced much higher than most other eyelash conditioners and growth stimulants, it also produces a wide range of side effects, including irritation, a darkening of the skin and even a change in eye color.  And because you are basically paying for a prescription formula without the benefit of a prescription, you will not be able to talk about or seek help for any of these potential problems from your doctor or pharmacist.

In summary, we feel strongly that Latisse was made a prescription-only formula for a reason—your safety—and by offering the very same formula over-the-counter Altisce is basically ignoring these potential concerns. If you’re looking for a non-prescription eyelash conditioner and stimulant, there are many products available that are both safer and less expensive than Altisce, many of which produce the same results, without the undesirable side effects as Altisce.

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