Hi, at GrowEyelashesX, we specialise in cosmetology and in particular eyelashes. Our team is headed by Jane Griffiths who is a qualified beautician having graduated with a Degree in Cosmetology.

Our team now specialise in eye beauty enhancement, most of them having spent the last 12 years working for some of the top cosmetic companies in the world. Over the years, they have developed a special interest in eyelashes and Jane is now a Consultant to two major cosmetic companies.

Throughteh years, we have met thousands of women worried about the length of their eyelashes, many developing complexes about them. We felt that there wasn’t much information available to women on how to improve their eyelashes and hence their looks. There was  also a  definite lack of detail of clinics/salons and medical organisations offering help and treatment to those wanting longer eyelashes. These are displayed on this site.

This site has been developed to give women that choice so that they can see what’s available and make informed decisions on how to grow longer eyelashes. We hope this site helps you grow beautiful long eyelashes.


Kind Regards,


The Team









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